CubeDrift 1.0

Mind-blowing game inspired by Sokoban with great game play

Mind-blowing logic game, inspired by Sokoban with challenging puzzles and neat graphics with a completely new and remarkable game mechanics that you will love. Are you tired of pointless games for brainless people? Dive into the logical world of CubeDrift and solve hundreds of challenging and original levels! CubeDrift is a very addictive game.

CubeDrift not only brings you great entertainment, but also improves your logical thinking and combinatorial skills. Increase your IQ painlessly! You can also boost your creativity with the included Level Editor. You may not only download and play level packs from other players, but also create them and share them on our website.

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CubeDrift 1.0

User reviews about CubeDrift

  • by James Thornton

    My head hurts.
    I hate games like this one. The idea of pushing boulders around a maze all day is my idea of hell...   More